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Making space better – creating visual and functional harmony while thoughtfully integrating finishes, furnishings and art – is what I do.

I begin with the fundamental challenge: making the layout work while taking maximum advantage of the site and structure of your home. This is achieved through thoughtful space planning and optimization. The result is functionality and visual effect, with an intelligent and harmonious flow between rooms.

My design process is about problem-solving. I don’t offer cookie cutter, “flavour of the month” solutions – which means your space won’t feel stale in two years. My style tends to be elegant, contemporary, and minimal – yet still comfortable and warm, with the occasional playful touch – but what I design is about you, my client. So the result, achieved in close consultation, reflects your personality and how you live.

Decisive Moment is a small, nimble firm, offering a scalable suite of services (which you can discover on the Services page). This has several benefits for my clients: a one-on-one working relationship, fast turn-around time, and low overhead. But most importantly, flexibility in scope of work: I can consult on something as simple as hanging a new piece of art, to managing the full-scale redesign and renovation of a house and grounds. Depending on the project, I call on a carefully curated group of experienced professionals including architects, contractors, and reliable trades-people.


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